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Multibagger Stock Tips – Unique Features

  • Multibagger Stock Tips - We recommend fundamentally strong stocks available at the reasonable valuation with the detailed report in easy-to-understand language. Proper updates on profit (partial/full) booking, repeat buy etc would be notified via email so that you don’t have any issues to track the investment.
  • Package for all - We have 4 different membership packages according to your needs, no matter whether you are a new entrant in the stock market or a seasoned investor, planning to build your portfolio from scratch or already have a sizeable corpus.
  • Existing Portfolio review - Are you not satisfied with your existing portfolio return? No Problem. Your existing portfolio will be reviewed and restructuring guidance will be provided.(Applicable to few membership packages)
  • Grab our investment philosophy - You can read the best-selling book,"How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market" authored by our founder Prasenjit Paul to get our detailed investment philosophy. Click here to get the details of the book from Amazon India.


Don’t join if-

  • Don’t join if you are looking for short term, intraday or Futures and Options tips. Our service is perfect for long term investors having the minimum investment horizon of 1 year. Don’t join if you are looking for the daily recommendations.
  • If you want to double your investment in every 2-3 months, then please don’t join. You may get tempted by 50%-100% return within 2-3 months from various sources. Please don’t pay us if you can’t hold (or stay invested) in our stock ideas for at least 1 year.
  • Click here for the detailed write-up on "Why you should not subscribe us?"

All in One - Combo (30 Stocks)

Rs - 65,000 + GST(18%)

Features -

  • You would receive 30 stocks as per the following break-up. Generally, stocks in Pro, Advanced and Long-Term Packages are different. However, depending on the situation, it might happen that 3-4 stocks out of 30 stocks are getting repeated in two Packages simultaneously. Such instances won't exceed more than 3-4 stocks out of 30 stocks. So, out of 30 stocks, you must receive 26-27 unique stock recommendation.
  • The thirty new stock recommendations would be spread over 24 months (approximately) depending on the market condition and prevailing opportunity. The expiry date (system calculated) would be the 15th day after receiving the last stock recommendation.


Package Name Number of Stocks List price Number of stocks Discounted Price
Pro Package 18 Stocks 25,200 +GST

Total 30 stocks would be
 recommended in the Combo Package
over a period of 2 years.


Overall discount

Advanced Package 9 Stocks 45,000 +GST
Long term Package 3 Stocks 7,500 +GST
Total 30 Stocks 77,700+GST   Discounted rate - 65,000 +GST (18%)


After 18% GST, the total price comes at Rs. 76,700 i.e. Rs. 65,000 + 11,700(18% of 65,000)


** Members interested in opting for any other desired combination of 2 Membership packages (like Starter+Long-term or like Pro+Advanced) would be entitled to 15% discount on the total price. Drop an email at for the details and payment option. Also, note no more discount is applicable on the Combo Price of Rs.76,700 as it is already heavily discounted.

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Offline Payment Option - Multibagger Stock Tips

It is highly recommended to pay through online payment gateway for instant account activation (Click on "Pay Now .." button from the "Pricing Chart" to proceed). However, if you are not comfortable with online payment, then you can transfer the subscription amount via NEFT/cheque deposit. (Cash depositing is strictly prohibited. It must be bank to bank transfer) Drop an email at for the same. After the payment, make sure to drop another email at with screenshot/photocopy of the receipt or with any similar reference. We will activate your account manually. Also make sure to create your account from the "Register" option from the top-most right-hand corner portion.

Past Performance (All previous Multibagger Stock Tips)

 Stock Recommendations during 2012  ( Click to expand )

 Stock Recommendations during 2013  ( Click to expand )

 Stock Recommendations during 2014  ( Click to expand )

 Stock Recommendations during 2015  ( Click to expand )

 Stock Recommendations during 2016  ( Click to expand )

 Stock Recommendations during 2017  ( Click to expand )

 Stock Recommendations during 2018  ( Click to close )

Month of Recommendation Stock Name Entry Price Exit Price Gain/Loss Holding Period Recommendation Category Comments
January, 2018 *** 225 Still Holding -29% Position Open Pro Package -
February, 2018 ***** 98 Still Holding -11% Position Open Pro Package -
March, 2018 **** 155 Still Holding -36% Position Open Advanced Package -
March, 2018 Sunil Hitech Engineers 10.2 5.8 -43% 2 months Advanced Package Position Closed
March, 2018 ***** 123 Still Holding 8% Position Open Pro Package -
March, 2018 **** 967 Still Holding -15% Position Open All Members Suggested to all Membership Packages
May, 2018 *** 948 Still Holding -7% Position Open Pro Package -
May, 2018 *** 5270 Still Holding 2% Position Open Advanced and Long Term Package -
June, 2018 *** 161 Still Holding 11% Position Open Pro Package -

Stocks under our Multibagger Stock Tips, generally have following characteristics:-

  • Improving Return on Equity (ROE), Return on capital employed (ROCE) and healthy balance sheet.
  • Business that have the potential to grow at the rate of minimum 20% or more in the coming years with low leverage.
  • Business that have strong economic moat and competitive advantages.
  • Consistent growth for at least last 5 years and good earning visibility in future.
  • The stock should be traded at a reasonable valuation.
  • Quality and experienced management with good past track record and execution capability.
  • Good Corporate governance and shareholder-friendly management.
  • Net cash flow from operation should be positive. Increasing margin and profitability.
  • Sufficient promoter holding so that it reflects the confidence of promoters. For receiving Multibagger Stock Tips follow our packages.

Above are only a few parameters.Apart from those there are many variable parameters for selecting future multibagger stocks.

Follow our investment philosopy first

Make sure to follow the details on "Why you should not subscribe us?" so that you can have fair idea regarding our investment philosopy and whether you are comfortable with it or not. Click here for the details.

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