Why you should NOT subscribe to our stock recommendation service?

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Before going for our paid subscription, it is highly recommended to go through this full article –

Why should you NOT subscribe to our service?

1. Recommending stock means we are predicting future with current facts and figures. Apart from GOD, nobody can claim 100% success ratio in future prediction. We are not GOD neither we are the magician. So, don’t think that out of our 10 recommendations all of them will perform.  If you are not comfortable with that, then please don’t subscribe.

2. Out of our 10 recommendations, few won’t perform. It may happen 2 consecutive stock recommendation is not performing. So, to earn above average return you need to invest in all of our recommendations. We recommend a limited number of stocks over one year. It is not difficult to invest in all of those. So, if you are not comfortable to invest in all of our recommendations then don’t subscribe. Our target is to offer 20%-30% average annualised return from your overall portfolio over a period of 3-5 years. (Anything above is the bonus. Since 2014, we are generating much more than 30% annualised return every year due to favourable market situation)

3. We have a successful history of picking multibaggers where the return was as high as 500% or more. Like Ajanta Pharma generated more than 10 times return within 2 years. Caplin Point Lab generated more than 9 times return within 1 year. Can Fin Homes, Atul Auto, Kaveri Seeds, Yes Bank, Bodal Chemical and many more generated more than double return within 1 year. If you assume that all our recommendations will turn out as like Caplin Point Lab, Can Fin Homes, then also please don’t subscribe. Out of our 10 recommendations, 1-2 will come out like 500%+ return others are not.

4. Don’t join if you can’t hold our recommended stocks for at least 1 year. After our recommendation, Atul Auto was in negative return zone for the next 4-5 months. However the same was showing 100%+ return within a year. Same with Can Fin Homes, NCL Industries and many other stocks. A stock can remain stagnant (or in negative zone) for many months. However, movement of just 2-3 weeks can sufficient for spectacular return. So, after investing in any of our stock, if you think that it will start climbing from the very next day then you may disappoint. You need to hold for at least 1 year.

5. Don’t join if you are looking for intraday or short-term tips or future and Options tips. Till date, we never noticed a single person who is consistently making money in short term. There are not any single billionaire across the world who made his fortune through Futures and options trading. F&O, intraday are not for retail (small) investors. The only full-proof solution to make money from the stock market is to invest in high-quality fundamentally strong stocks and hold it for long run. Don’t subscribe to our service if you are looking for daily recommendations or updates.

Before subscribing, it is recommended to get our investment philosophy by reading the best-selling book from our founder Prasenjit Paul. the book, “How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market” is available for delivery in 33 countries via Amazon network. Click here to get the details and buy it from Amazon India. (kindle version ebook is also available)

By     |     July 21, 2015     |     72 Comments

72 comments on “Why you should NOT subscribe to our stock recommendation service?

  1. i fully agree with you prasanjit sir.
    Even we donot want daily action to keep our life simple.

    1. Exactly, following daily market movement sometimes create unnecessary panic and sometimes meaningless delight, both can be injurious to your wealth.

      1. Prasenjit, I am totally a Big Fan of your this Dialog !
        “following daily market movement sometimes create unnecessary panic and sometimes meaningless delight, both can be injurious to your wealth.”

        1. Thanks for the same..I think you will also love my upcoming book “How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market”..Keep following.. 🙂

  2. Say for example I have Rs.1 Lac to invest, so it’s upto you to or for me to distribute the capitals according to the stocks recommendations by you as there may be misbalance in investing capital for recommended 10 stocks.

    1. We only offer advice after that it is totally up to you to allocate capital.For Diamond package members we offer portfolio allocation chart every month and Silver members can simply invest an equal amount in our every month’s recommendation.

  3. I believe this is ur USP. & this is what makes you so different then others, never seen any one writing about “why u should not subscribe us”? What we always see why you should sibscribe us? This is turning the table around.

    1. Yes, for me it more important that investors should know “Why you should NOT subscribe?” so that there won’t be any disappointment after paying us.Even if you follow our “Service” page, just above the pricing chart and payment option “Don’t join if” clause is mentioned…Instead of 10,000 dissatisfied members, it is much better to have 3,000 highly satisfied members..

  4. Well said prasenjit, market investment is not for impatients, it needs patience and faith on quality stocks.
    Keep it up with ur good work… And thanks for building my portfolio with good stocks.

  5. Dear Mr.Prasenjit,
    My trial membership is expiring soon.I have a dilemma either to opt for silver or diamond (expensive) membership.Why do not you introduce GOLDEN membership in between silver and diamond?

    1. Actually too many packages create confusion among subscribers..My suggestion is to start with Silver Package and once your portfolio grow up then you can shift to Diamond Package..

  6. Hi Paul,

    I would like to know if you would ever plan to provide services in the options trading segment.



  7. Very good topic, go head, waiting for your other multibagger stock. After I start ur subscription I have good peace of mind , learned plenty lesson from u.thanks

    1. I totally agree with Mr.Raiju. After subsribin “Paulasset” I am having real peace of mind and saved lot of time which was wasted in watching Business Channel.Now, I just wait for his Recommendations ,Mails and Articles.

      1. Thanks.It really feels good to know that our relationship offers more than just money.It doesn’t matter how much money you earn at the end of the day it is the peace of mind that determines our happiness..

  8. Thanks Mr Paul for giving us wonderful service for the growth of our hard earned money. I would like to stay with you till my retirement.
    Sometimes i get some extra money to invest apart of my regular monthly investment and i feel puzzled where to put? I would request you to please give regular emails about any good stock to put our money as monthly SIP (like i think can fin is one of that kind of stock in this market scenario).
    May god make you second Warren Buffett.

    1. Whenever you are getting extra money, instead of one time investment, divide that part too over the few months..That way you will be able to spread over the volatility risk..

  9. Prasenjit,

    Firstly, thanks a ton for the excellent service that you have been providing. I am sure your continued guidance would make a difference to the lives of all your subscribers. I look forward to the day when i retire and look back to that day when i stumbled upon your portal and made a decision to subscribe to your services. I am sure i will be a happy person. The only request i have is that , you have made few repeat recommendations during the course of last one year such as Can Fin homes, Caplin point labs etc. When you do make the repeat recommendations, can you publish them again in the list of stocks recommended like in the tabular format that you always do for your monthly recommendations… Doing so would help the investor community even more . At the moment, i believe you make repeat recommendations in the form of mailers that you send out every now and then..

    Thanks again for your continued support

    Kiran Hegde

    1. Thanks for the suggestion..I am considering to display repeat buy either in that chart or below that chart..

  10. After joining paulasset advisory service I have been experiencing tremendous confidence and patience in stock market investment. I am a free trial member and now upgrading to silver membership, my experience with Paul is great.please keep urs good continue and keep in mind that people are trusting u..

  11. Sir,
    I have been following you since few months. My one concern is that I am as of now not a big investor in stocks. I have just about 90k in stocks. Also I cant afford to buy stocks in bulk at the moment.

    I havent yet made a loss in stock markets. But sometimes I dont understand what to do with my profitable stocks..to sell, hold or buy in dips. Can your service help with this? I would like to be more active investor. But I can invest small amounts only at present.

    1. In investment, there is nothing big and small amount..Whatever be the amount, make sure to invest a pre-defined amount in every month..In our existing portfolio review, we help our members to take decision on buy/hold/sell for existing stocks..

  12. Minium capital required to start your recomendations and montly how many stocks recomends by you.

    1. There is no minimum capital requirement..You can invest any predefined amount every month.We recommend 1 stock per month

  13. Hi Mr.Paul,
    I accidentally came across your website and I’ve gone through it .After going through your web site ,I do appreciate the way your taking peoples confidence in to new levels .It is highly appreciated and keep it up.I’m only a small time investor and spends a lot of time keeping track of the market.Unlike you every stock experts have vested interests in the market and give recommendations to make personal gains I believe.

  14. Dear Presanjit,

    I am a silver Member upgraded from Trial member. Your Recommendations are Good. And i am following the same. I have gone through your Book “How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market”. I am studying again and recommending to our other Friends. Infact, I have taken one more book and send them to my Younger son who is in BITS PILANI – GOA CAMPUS. He is in CLUB where they discuss about stocks and Analysis.

    Is there any Life time MEMBERSHIP in Paul asset. Please inform.

    1. Thanks for appreciating my effort. As of now there are no lifetime membership. However we are considering various options on how to implement the same.

  15. I’m planning to try your silver package,but I could only invest 5-10k per month. If your recommendation is for 1-2 year period, then would I get good returns?
    My plan is to invest and hold it for long term 5-10 years, so wanted to know do you also give advice on long term stocks as part of monthly/special recommendation?


    1. Silver package is suitable if you are planning to invest minimum 1 lac over the next 1 year. On an average, you can expect one monthly recommendation so utilise your investable amount on that stock

  16. Dear Prasenjit sir,

    I just incidently came accross your article. It is excellent specially for novice investors.
    please continue this very good support to all ignorant (in this field) ones for saving from losses in so called highly lucrative share market business. Will like to contact you through my email.

  17. Really a nice article.
    You have to keep and maintain faith otherwise you should not have to subscribe. No one is GOD.
    So starting the journey with Paul Asset…

  18. I want to start investing Rs.10,000 every month in shares by 10th of every month for long term investment (3 to 5 years) . Which package would be better for such monthly investment every month. I have demat account . should i open another demat with you for buying shares that you recommend.

    1. Silver package would be beneficial if you are planning to invest at least 2 Lacs over the next 1 year.

      1. Ok Mr.Paul. what will be pattern of funds infusion i.e at what intervals the amount of 2 lakhs to be invested.

        1. Generally, we recommend 10-12 stocks over a period of 1 year. Thus, you can expect 1 recommendation per month and infuse fund every month.

          1. Thanks for your reply.
            How can i join as member and pay the subscription amount. After becoming member ,when will we normally get recommendations for investment.

  19. Mr.Paul…I want to follow your advice.have you any trial version?I want to invest 2 lac initially.

  20. Great Thoughts and Clarity of thinking , i just saw this , i am 54 almost retired , and would like to invest close to 5 lakhs for 3 to 5 years and i will become the Diamond member is that is a right decision please clarrify thanks for all the efforts

  21. Hello sir,
    One of my best friend named Karthik (ur member for past 6 months) told me to invest in share market.he asked me to open demat n trading a/c for that.for past 6 months karthik is doing trading under ur recommedattions and has got good response from his investment. So he approached me n adviced to invest under ur guidance. I don’t know anything about share trading. I’m a small entrepreneur. Now I can invest around 2 lacs as initial investment and 20k in sip.I’m yet to get my demat n trading a/c no.kindly suggest me some gud stocks for long term investment . I’m not interested in intra day trading .gone through ur advices to ur investors n their testimonials. I’m very much impressed.also suggest me which package I hv to join silver or diamond.waiting for ur valuable reply.

  22. Sir suppose i join for 1 year and do the investment for 3 to 5 years,then if i leave the package then hoqw will i know the things when to sell.

    1. You won’t get any updates once your membership expires. Generally, we recommend stocks for the 1-2 year holding period.


    1. It not feasible to offer any kind of assistance if any member chooses not to renew the subscription. Non-renewal indicates that the member is no more interested in receiving our suggestions.

  24. Dear Mr. Paul,

    I work on ship out at sea.
    I want to invest about 5 lacs in bulk and then 1 lac per month .
    I have only 2.5 lacs in stocks at present and rest in MF.

    On ship I have access to email but not mobile phone.
    Which package would you suggest for me. And once I purchase will you help me to invest 5 lacs immediately.

    Secondly I have purchased your book on Amazon. Thanks for sharing your vision and clear thinking. I appreciate it much at this young age.

    Uday Sane

    1. It can be troublesome if you can’t access mobile/internet to buy/sell shares while on the Ship because in the stock market buying/selling opportunity can arise anytime and if you can’t act on time then the opportunity may not wait for the long.

      Kindly drop an email at info@paulasset.com for any other service related query.

  25. Sir,
    My age 53 years,suppose after subscribing your services your advises lump sum investment? Or peridically investment?.What I heard,after recommendation of scrips automatically 20 to 40% appreciated(even member not able to purchase your recommended price(in my openion not u only,any advisory service recommendation).How much capital is sufficient for lump sum and/or periodical investment?

  26. Paul sir i have read ur book. Its fantastic and realistic. Iwant to invest 10000 per month with a cagr of 30% over 10-15yrs. Plz tell if it is possible. As there are hardly any players who have achieved any thing over 20% in long term. Sir i have done a lot of research and zeroed in to follow ur advisory.

  27. Mr.Paul, I’m reading your book “How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the Stock Market”. I consider it to be a sheer luck to have stubled upon your book in amazon. I have just began investing in the stock market and you have clearly shown me a path. I hope to be very comfy with “investing in Stocks” by the time i finish your book. Thanks a ton.

  28. Sir I want to invest 20000 per month and wants to know which service is better to me, no previous portfolio holding, only 11000 sip in mf

  29. Sir, I am new in share market. I am a serviceman. I need weath building for future purpose. I prefer for long term investment. My question is how much minimum amount be needed to start with? I have now 2.5 lac to invest but initially I wish to invest 50k only. What should I do? Plz suggest n reply.

  30. I am reading the book on my amazon kindle and it is better than other books on Indian Stock market. Most authors are trying to create a story around stock market and I feel fiction writing is not needed in this genre.
    This book is a must and first, read for absolute beginners like me.

  31. I accidentally landed on this website while searching for reliable stock advisory service provide and after checking feedbacks it seem my search in completed here.
    First thing I did after reading reviews is purchased you book Mr. Paul. Will join starter package soon.

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