Principles for successful investing in the Stock Market

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Over the last few years, we had interacted thousands of investors (mostly retail/small investors) and came across many common questions and doubts. Based on our real life experience, the following article is written in very simple,easy-to-understand language. It will guide on your successful investing journey.

Principle #1 -Don’t try to predict market movement –

The common queries that we receive from our clients are like, “Do you think we need to sell our stocks before the budget and re-enter after that?” or like “What’s your short-term strategy about the upcoming election? Do you think the market will correct after the election?”

Simply putting, retail investors are always looking for short-term market movement prediction. They rejoice during any market rally. However, any 10%-20% correction makes them highly worried.

The truth is not a single human being in this world can accurately predict short-term market movement consistently. Yes, I repeat, “not a single human being”. Even predicting long-term market (Sensex/Nifty) movement is wastage of time. The following image may surprise many investors. You can notice that, during October 2007, billionaire investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala predicted that Sensex will touch 50,000 within next 6-7 years. Today, after 8 years, Sensex is below 30,000! Click here for the link to his detailed interview during October 2007. Investors have very short memory, today retail investors are rejoicing with the prediction of “Sensex at 1 lakh+” !! (I don’t have any intention to criticize any analysts or investors, I just want to convey the message that while many big names are failing to predict market movement then why you (small investors) are always looking for the market movement prediction?) Successful investing doesn’t require prediction on the market movement.

Successful investing Paul Asset Guide

What you need to do?

Forget about where the market is heading over the next 1 year or 3 years. Successful investing requires selecting high-quality stocks and have the patience to hold the same. Remember, even during 2008-2013 while Sensex remained range-bound, then also 80+ stocks generated 100%+ return and some even 400%+ return. However, during 2014 bull-run you will find many stocks those generated negative return. So, don’t think that during the bull run you are poised to earn the positive return by investing in any stocks. At the end of the day, successful investing is all about stock selection.

Principle #2 -Don’t get worried about daily (short-term) price fluctuation-

During March 2014 we had recommended Caplin Point Lab at Rs-150 and advised to hold for at least next 1 year (whatever be the short-term price movement).From March 2014 to September 2014 the stock moved up sharply from Rs-150 to Rs-540. After that, it corrected around Rs-400 level. Exactly on the same time one of our client mentioned that his portfolio was badly affected by Caplin. We were surprised and asked the reason. His response was more surprising –

“I had purchased Caplin at around Rs-180 and till few weeks ago at Rs-520 it was showing around 200% return but over the last few weeks it crashed around Rs-400 and now just around 100% return. This affected my portfolio badly”

Nothing can be surprising than that. Our simple response was “whatever be the short-term price movement,hold the stock for at least 1 year”. However ignoring our suggestion the client booked full profit to protect the further downside. At the time of writing this article (February 2015) the same stock is quoted around  Rs-800. Thus he missed the chance of earning 400%+ return within 1 year just because of short-term price fluctuation. Nothing can be disappointing than that. Focusing too much on short-term price fluctuation is another obstacle for successful investing.

Further, while Caplin Point Lab remained on the same range (370-440) for 4-5 months,we had issued several “repeat buy” calls. Click here to read one such old article. Many new investors purchased around 420-440 during Aug-Sep,2014. As the stock remained on the same range over next 4 months, so again we received many queries like “Why it is not moving over last 4 months?”. Not only the Caplin Point Lab, while any of our recommended stocks remained rangebound over several months we receive such queries.

What you need to do?

Stop following daily price movement. Successful investing doesn’t require to stay in front of the terminal throughout the day. Checking stock price once in a week will be sufficient if you invested in the fundamentally strong companies. After purchasing a land or house or gold, investors are ready to hold for many years without following daily price movement. Sadly in the stock market, retail investors behave exactly the opposite. You won’t find any billionaire (or successful) investor across the world checking the price of his portfolio stocks twice or thrice in a day.

Principle #3 -Stay away from the crowd (Invest with peace in your mind)-

Once of our client mentioned, “Every day there’s too many things are happening in the market. However, you provide only one stock recommendation per month and merely one weekly update. Don’t you think you need to provide updates on buy and sell more frequently? What’s the harm to book 10%-20% profit and then re-enter at the lower level?”(The principle that we always oppose)

Well, here the point is if we remained more active and issued frequent Buy-Sell-Profit booking call, then today not a single client of us can make 100%+ return from a single stock. Today we can proudly say that thousands of our clients are getting 100%+ return (in some case 300%+) from our recommended stocks like Can Fin Homes, Ajanta Pharma,Yes Bank,Caplin Point Lab, Atul Auto etc. During my initial days of the investment journey, I had practiced the principle of booking 10%-20% profit and then re-enter at lower level for 4-6 months. Finally realized why one can’t make big money from that strategy.(It will take another big article to describe the reason so I am leaving it for now)

Every day several analysts are coming on TV channels like CNBC, ET NOW etc and in total there are approx 10-15 stock recommendations everyday for intraday,short term,futures and options etc etc. The only way to become wealthy is to avoid all of those recommendations. Successful investing doesn’t require sitting in front of CNBC through out the entire day. Following example will clear the point –

During August,2013 while banking sector crashed heavily we had issued “Strong Buy” call in Yes Bank at around 250.Click here to check that old article. Along with many other client Mr. X also purchased the same. Now before 2014 general election, Mr. X came to know (from few experts) that market will crash after election result.So he booked full profit from Yes Bank. Today at the time of writing this article Yes Bank is quoting around Rs-860. After election result,instead of crash, Yes Bank moved up 80%+ within next 10 months!! This is the result of following too many experts across TV and internet.

What you need to do?

“Stay away from the crowd” – is another principle for successful investing. No need to follow CNBC everyday. No need to check daily quote and analysts recommendations on . Once you are invested in fundamentally strong stock, then your only task is to hold it across ups and down. If you only invest in our recommended stocks, then you already invested in fundamentally companies. Now you are only one step away from successful investing and that is to HOLD the same across ups and downs.

Successful Investing -Principle #4 –

Don’t expect quick returns-

We have noticed the similar mindset among many investors. They are not happy with 8%-10% return over 4 months (which translate 25%-30% annualized return). In other word for many investors 20%-30% annualized return from stock market is nothing. Surprisingly, those same investors remain highly satisfied with 7%-9% taxable annualized return from bank’s fixed deposit. The same group of people happily accept Post office deposit or any other government deposit scheme that merely offer 6%-8% return. However in stock market they want 80%-100% return every year! This mentality is one of the main reasons why small investors are losing heavily in stock market following stock tips providers. Just do a basic Google Search, you will find many stock tips providers are offering 50%-100% return within 1 months or 2 months. Small investors can’t resists themselves. They fall into the trap and lose heavily. Instead of blaming those stock tips provider, I think the fault is in the mindset of retail investors. While we mention 20%-30% annualized return to our new clients, few of them demand more, “Why can’t you offer 100%+ annual return while many other websites are saying 100%+ return within 2-3 months?”. We politely reply “Don’t join to our service if you are looking for 100%+ return over 2-3 months ( even 8-10 months)”. Click here to check our service page where we clearly mention “Don’t join if”.

What you need to do?

Successful investing requires application of common sense. If one can achieve 100%+ return within 2-3 months consistently then there will not be any word called “Poor”. Even 100%+ return on every year will translate 80% of our population into “crorepati” within next 10 years. There will be heaven-like situation where everyone is leaving their full time job and concentrate on stock market. If every individuals can apply such little logic before investing then today there won’t be any complaint against stock market. Unfortunately still maximum investors consider “Stock Market” as a place of gambling. Everyday thousands of gamblers are trying to make fool others and at the end of the day they themselves are getting fooled.

Since our inception, our primary aim remains to help retail (small) investors and to make them believe that anyone can become wealthy from this market. Till now we are maintaining unique track record of 100% satisfied client base. As mentioned above, you just need to practice few simple principles for successful investing. We are here for selecting high quality fundamentally strong stocks for your investment. Rest depends on how you are utilizing them.

Don’t forget to share your feedback on the comment section.

By     |     March 1, 2015     |     73 Comments

73 comments on “Principles for successful investing in the Stock Market

  1. Hi,Paul.
    Gone through your article. I just want to tell you that,I want to keep your recomended stock in my portfolio not only for 1 or 2 years but for several years.may be 5 to 10 years even more. I am now 36 years old and have a view of 20 years.At the age of 56 years i will retire.
    Now,can you give me an idea if i follow your monthly portfolio allocation of Rs.10000/- per month strictly,then after 20 years on an avg. how much amount of wealth i can get.
    If u give me rough idea.I will be greatful to u.
    This is my 4 th month as a diamond member in Paul Asset. I am entirely dependent on you.

    1. Thanks for your write-up..
      You can expect 18%-25% CAGR return over 20 years following our Monthly Portfolio Allocation Guidance..Now, today you are investing 10k/month and this amount won’t remain same throughout the next 20 years,it will fluctuate depending upon your income..From rough estimate you can accumulate 5 crore – 10 crore after 20 years,provided you are investing consistently irrespective of the market situation.

      1. Dear Paul I am little confuse plz clear my mind
        Monthly 10000 allocated in script for 20 years this is continue then make 5-10 cror?
        I am new in your family

  2. Sir, This is a great article and helps us understand the logic behind investments. As an individual we percept money differently, like we spend more through credit cards than cash. Our expenses will come down if we were to pay all in cash.
    Once again, great article and our conviction in your services has increased. Keep posting and enriching us through knowledge.

    1. How can I join in your group. May I know the fee details. What are the facilities provided by you to customers?

  3. a wonderful article once again, hope my fellow members absorb it and trust paulasset. ofcourse i can understand normal small time investors to have doubts but when you are in the safe hands of paul then why worry ? also please dont be avaricious, even if we get 20-25 % lets be happy since nobody pays more than 10% on fds etc. as laymen lets not over analyse stocks on day to day basis. just relax.

  4. Thanks Paul. It is really one of the great article I read across for equity investment and stock market general perceptions. At the age of 38 and a newbie in the stock market probably I am more patient and less greedy and totally inline with your thoughts of “true investment” and would be more than happy if all my money returns double of FD yearly and consistently without taxes for the next 20 years. You are doing a great job and with a short span of time I have generated a great trust and respect for you. God bless you always and hope to have long association with you…

  5. Sir i am holding 100 canfin shares, but i have not applied canfin rights issue, after rights what will be the probable share price

      1. Thanks for the nice article.
        I have different view regarding Can Fin rights and its effect of share price. Current price is already adjusted with rights?? I was under the impression that since the rights shares are not yet allotted, its effect to share price is yet to happen. Once the rights shares are allotted, the total number of shares will increase, EPS will come down and accordingly the share price will come down on the date of allotment of rights shares. Please correct me incase my views are wrong

        1. Stock price is already adjusted..It was adjusted on the same day while Can Fin Homes goes on “ex-rights”..


    1. Thanks for write-up..Kindly mail for any allocation guidance..We will surely help over email..

  7. Hi Paul, thanks for sharing your views in this article. Your articles are very easy to understand and provide a compelling and convincing argument.
    Please keep up the good work and continue to share your experiences.


  8. Sir,
    I am a paid member of you 4 months back onwards, in this period, I am not seen any single sell call,except recent caplin lab part profit taking call, in caplin call, you are not fully happy because you told it will make new heights, then your 2-3 years old members holding or selling one by one monthly.

  9. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the simple and great article. UR analysis and explanation about each share that you suggest was really helpful which gives a great idea of what we are investing in, really like that .Looking forward for a long term tie up and growth.

  10. Hi Paul,

    Ive always believed that in this universal mix of different kinds like attracts like. And I somehow dont understand how people act and behave wanting instant returns. My mindset by nature suits long term investment style and I admire this article.

    Would there be any ways we could have a lifetime offer for your services? Also would you ever get into recommendations for Options n currency/commodity futures?



  11. Thanks! As usual helpful. BTW, I think a compound interest calculator will complete the article. 25% over next 10 years will be awesome – compound interest rocks ! Yes looking forward for at least 10 years association with you

  12. Great Writeup!

    I am following it strictly and enjoying my portfolio appreciation of 150%, hope in next 5 year it may turn to 300% plus

  13. Good write-up for sureshot increase of wealth. I am long term member of Paulasset upto 2020 and strictly follow the way this article describes. I am retired and worked out my financial plan for the next 25 years considering average 20% p.a. return from PaulAsset’s recommendation.
    People will get maximum benefit if they follow the way this article suggests. One can see the Business channels to get macro-economic view of experts including renowned foreign expoerts but will do better if they don’t follow the stock recommendations of the channels. My membership with Paulasset just crossed more than one year and one thing I can say that follow the recommendations of Paulasset and sit tight without worry for day-to-day fluctuations.

  14. High Quality stock recommendations from Paul. Pl follow. I am at 40 now and just started investing through Paulasset’s recommendations 2months back. Eventhoug my portfolio is in negative returns, i am not looking at on daily basis. Above all such nice articles, keeps me cool. All the very best Paul and looking at long term association with Prasenjit.


  15. Dear Paul
    very good article its eye opening for retail investors. I was struggling with mindset that investing is good or trading. Today i got the answer but i could not understand that why futures and options product exists?

    1. Futures and options product exists to generate revenue for brokers,stock exchange and government…Another real and beneficial purpose is “hedging”…Unfortunately retail investors consider it as another money-making way and lose heavily..

  16. One of the most reliable stock consultant. I want to invest 10 lakh in stocks recommended by Paul but for this sensez must correct to 25000 level which I feel is possible by Jun 2015.

  17. hi i am clint since dec13 ,today i have hold 23 stock & ADD montly 1 stock [your recomdation]
    HOPE AT end of dec15 i hold 30+ stock
    my quation is how many stock hold in portfilio & time of holdING

    1. This is why “Quarterly Portfolio Review” is there…Under that we guide to keep best 15-20 stocks in portfolio..

  18. Dear Prasenjit, I accidentally got introduced to I’m a new diamond member and started following your advice. I’ve read your interesting article and liked it very much. However, there’re few grammatical mistakes and omission in this article. I sincerely would like to see your advisory company grow very big. Hence suggesting that any article you publish, should be crisp without any flaw (international standard you know what I mean). It’ll in way make me proud.

    1. Thanks for mentioning the same..Yes, I admit I am not too good in writing..I am looking to appoint someone for proof reading..

  19. I am a new member. Want to follow your portfolio. Kindliy tell me which all stocks I can buy now from yoyr recommended stocks

    1. Kindly mail for any such queries..Comment section is open to all and we can’t answer personal queries here..

  20. Dear Paul,

    It’s an informative writeup. This is a bull market, the prices of Can Fin and other good quality small cap stocks recommended by you are increasing by 100%+. But what happens in a bear market?The prices of small cap stocks fall the most.
    What does one do when one is holding a good quality small cap stock recommended by you but still sees the prices falling as it is a bear market?

    1. It’s a wrong conception that quality small cap stocks fall more in bear market…Only “Low quality stocks” (be it largecap or smallcap) fall more in bear market..After 2008-09 crash many largecaps like DLF crashed by more than 80% while many smallcap still showcased 20%-50% return..

  21. Thank you for the wonderful article. In fact you have been telling the same thing to all your investors for a couple of years now. I want to tell you that this particular advice that you have tried to dispense here, has now been hardwired into my brain and thanks to that I’m currently sitting on 100% + gains.
    I plan on being associated with you for a long time and am currently thinking about upgrading to your diamond package. Could you please provide me with an estimated difference in return for your diamond and regular package customers?


    1. Thanks for your kind appreciation.

      For Diamond package you can expect around 10% more return..Also note, now you are sitting on 100%+ gain and such 100%+ gain can’t continue forever..Sooner or later it will be averaged out..For further queries kindly contact via email..

  22. Paul,

    Markets are currently trading between 28 to 30k ie around 20 pe. Who knows but in next 1 year we may see levels of 35 to 40k. Would you still suggest to go long in stocks you recommend?
    Or you will have a different strategy for a downtrend?


    1. It’s not about market,it’s all about specific stocks..Even during bear market few selected stocks will continue to generate good return..So, during downtrend we need to be more careful about stock selection..

  23. Slow and steady WINS!. I been with Paul Asset for only 4 months now and invest as and when i can with the little money that I can mark as RISK,. Ups and Downs happen ‘that is market’. but overall, I can see my portfolio making 40% profit in 4 months covering only 7 stocks., Isn’t that a GOLDMINE. I am here to stay put and make money. Whoever is dubious about Paul Asset, keep that thought away and join here and make money. Thanks Paul Asset.

  24. Thanks for such an informative article! Question – Is it good to invest one time in your recommended stocks or should we do it in cost averaging basis (multiple times) in down trend. I am planning to invest 10 Lakhs in equity by end of this year, will it be ok if I invest all 10 Lakh in your recommended stocks or will it be more logical to mix my portfolio with these mid-cap and blue-chip or large cap stocks.

  25. Thanks for this wonderful article. I have recently taken 4 months trial package but surely will be upgrading to diamond package. I have alredy invested on your recommended stocks last week as per your recommendation.

  26. Nice Article !! I am a follower of you and in good profit. I recovered all loss of my life from stock market I made in past 12 years in just one year.

    As you mentioned don’t focus on index it’s about stock selection. If you remember Satyam case which had accounting fraud, how would you tackle such company. It would look good from balance sheet while you select/pick multibagger but it might fail in future.

    Satyam was one of my case though I ended in profit for Satyam as I averaged the fall and then with Tech Mahindra Merger. But another case of JHS the averaging ruined me as I have averaged almost 6-7 times starting from 80 Rs to 20Rs then stopped which is at 8 Rs now. There are few others like Unitech, Suzlon…..

    1. From balance sheet and cash flow statement one can easily understand that Suzlon,Unitech,JHS are bad companies and one should not invest on those.We never recommend stocks like Suzlon,DLF,unitech,educomp etc (doesn’t matter how many analysts are recommending to buy)…Satyam case was different..They had good numbers..Here you need to admit even if the world’s best analyst recommend 19-20 stocks 1 or 2 must move in opposite direction..On an average if we recommend 10 stocks then 1 may prove bad..Our target is to offer overall positive return in your portfolio across any market situation..

      1. Thanks, now I understand why you emphasize on proper portfolio allocation. Will take extra care for proper allocation now onward.

  27. Hi Mr Prasenjit,
    I am a diamond member from past 3 months and i very happy that i am attached with you for my money management. At present my portfolio is showing 30% return in just 3 months. Its really amazing and i never thought of this tremendous return. You are really great person with sharp knowledge in stocks. I also remember as mentioned in one of your email that you gave almost 80 % return in last year. But i am surprized why are you comparing your return with the FD? In fact the knowledge you have must translate to many fold returns. There should not be any comparison with the FD. Because i don’t put my money to the useless FD which even does not have any capacity to beat inflation. So please don’t underestimate your self by comparing with FD. We are very lucky to have a person like you who will help us to generate many fold returns in long term. Expecting a huge unbelievable impossible return from you…. May God bless you for all your dreams.

    1. Thanks for your kind appreciation..However kindly note such high return (80% in a year or 30% in 3 months) can’t continue forever.Sooner or later it will be averaged and will stand anywhere 20%-30% annualized return..Our target is to offer 20%-30% average annualized return over the next 10-20 years..

  28. Dear Sir,
    Would appreciate if you put date to your article also!! There are dates everywhere except your article which is undated; dating would enable us review in correct perspective or appreciate your foresight & vision when you refer them years down the line…


    1. Date is there at the bottom of the article where Author name is mentioned..We will put the date in prominent location very soon..

  29. Dear Prasenjit,
    I have been following your articles for quite some time now and am convinced about your capabilities and honesty. I am planning to take your services for building a long term portfolio.
    I am not very clear that once you pick up a quality stock do you also consider the valuation of the stock by analyzing the P/E ration and other techniques involved. I think buying shares at the right price is important.

    1. Obviously valuation is very important part before recommending any stock and we do the analysis..However no single formula or a bunch of ratios like P.E, P.B are sufficient enough to judge valuation..It depends on lots of factors..

  30. Through this journey of being associated with many consultants (and being cheated!!!), one (or more) of the reasons that I feel many of the so called STOCK ADVISORS/CONSULTANTS fail is:
    1. Assurance of a true Multibagger return ranging from the high 70%-100% plus numbers….going all the way to impose that they cannot go wrong with their high returns range ever!!!
    2. A personalized support that becomes so indifferent and missing when a true ear and advise is needed….(I called up but you never picked my call or cared to return the call or to reply to my email!!!)
    3. The ever so knowledgeable stance the advisors take on linking their recommendations to the macro-economic scenario (be it elections or any external crisis that hits Indian stock market even remotely)….by the way if you ask these analysis of the event, they start the uhhh, actually you know….uhhh… (I have heard this many times!!)

    Now the difference with Prasenjit and team Paulasset:

    1. Everyone including Prasenjit himself is humble & courteous and close to the ground realities! Try dropping a note with a question that is bugging you…..he/his team responds surely with one-two lines of support! Isn’t that what a investor needs?

    2. Staying away from the high returns and promises of 70-100% returns….even in the answers above he is maintaining that 20-30% averaged annualized returns are based on the fundamentally strong QUALITY stocks (as averse to the habit of others quoting the QUANTITY of visual recalls on TV channels!!)

    3. I do not recall any site asking investors to STAY AWAY or to not subscribe if they cannot stay invested for less than 1 year! They actually turn the customer to even more expensive portfolio building products for short term returns!!!!! It requires courage to say NO to a customer….however small or big the customer may be…but Prasenjit and team have a ethical and firm belief that they want investors to follow: Stay committed to fundamentally strong scripts and rewards will follow. Don’t chase, be chased!

    So overall, Prasenjit and team Paulasset….a big 5 STAR rating for you (introduce one on your page please so that the members can rate you) and stay blessed! I realize you have a range of investors from early 20+ years age to even 70s. Very difficult to get a following like this if the results don’t speak for themselves!

    Introduce a lifetime activation package and I will be your true subscriber for sure!

    God bless you team Prasenjit and Team Paulasset!

    1. Thanks alot for taking pain to share your detailed experience..We will try our best to meet the expectations..

  31. A basic but indeed a very useful and an eye opening article. I live in the UK and have not been close to stock markets for almost a decade since I left India for work abroad. As the middle age crisis now kicked in, I am becoming more alert and cautious about having a secured family future and well earned retirement after possibly two decades. Having done some research, I just ran into Paul Asset through Google. I have spoken to Prasenjit, and have now registered for 4 months trial scheme today with an intention of upgrading to diamond package with every hope that my finance will be invested in right stocks generating some very good returns over long term. I am very excited and hopeful that my association with Paul Asset will last longer.

  32. Very good write up from Sajeev outlining many of subscribers’ thoughts.
    Have patience while investing. Paulasset is as like the multibagger stocks recommended by him. Only patience will pay

  33. Hi Paul,

    These are awesome suggestions and very true. Thanks for the same.

    I particularly like your honesty (Statements like Don’t join us…) and sincerity (You always respond to queries on time within few working hrs…)

    Keep up the good work.

  34. Your articlsems scientic,intellectually satisfying.i am 53 yrs old n have incurred losses during 2008 market melt down as i entered mkt as a novice in 2007.U r the 2nd large hearted i hv come across in stock mkt.i want to join ur package for next 25 yrs (if i really survive that long).i love you. Want to b associated with u for long.

  35. Dear Paul, I am 33 working in a high risk security related field,I am planning to retire in another 15 years, I have just subscribed for your silver package I would like to know the initial amount I need to start with and the monthly investment I need to make to construct a decent portfolio

    I can invest monthly 10k to 15k, what kind of service will I be offered if I opt for your diamond package and what is the monthly investment you suggest to make to have a decent corpus after 15 years

    Please let me know

  36. Hello Sir, By reading your article, and as suggested by friend to enrol for membership I feel that I am in the right direction, I am the beginner for the stock investment, since I am from middle class family better not to lose hard earned money, looking for long lasting association with you and earn decently.

    Please give your suggestion for beginners like me on how to start with.


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