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To ensure all the Members at Paul Asset can earn above average market-beating return consistently over the next few decades for long term wealth creation.
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To become largest Equity Advisory Company in India maintaining strong and long lasting relationship with each and every clients.
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Indian Stock Market
Indian Stock Market
Indian Stock Market

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Past Performance (All previous Multibagger Stock Tips)

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Month of Recommendation Stock Name Entry Price Exit Price Gain/Loss Holding Period Recommendation Category Comments
January, 2018 *** 225 Still Holding -23% Position Open Pro Package -
February, 2018 ***** 98 Still Holding 10% Position Open Pro Package -
March, 2018 **** 155 Still Holding 11% Position Open Advanced Package -
March, 2018 *** 10.2 Still Holding 7% Position Open Advanced Package -
March, 2018 ***** 123 Still Holding 2% Position Open Pro Package -

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