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To ensure every members of Paul Asset can earn 30%+ annualized overall return from their portfolio consistently over the next few decades through specialized service like Portfolio Review,Monthly Portfolio Allocation Guidance and high-quality stock recommendations.
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To become largest Equity Advisory Company in India maintaining strong and long lasting relationship with each and every clients.
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Ramanathan Srinivasan (Member Since Jan,2013)
I have tried at least 13 difference stock advisors and firms in the last 8 years and finally settled down with Paul. I started almost from the time he started this and have always been not only impres Read more»
, India
Balkrishna gupta
I am very thankful to you for providing best quality stock advisory in affordable rate,before joining your service i have book huge loss in stock market in intraday trading and future option but after Read more»
, India
I am a paid member for last one and half years and fully satisfied. Intersting part is that I don’t have to worry now about what to and what not to do about my equity portfolio. I just eagerly wait  Read more»
, India
Ramaprabhu Rajagopalan
Highly professional. I was immensly benifitted. All recommendations are after very elobarate fundamental Analysis. Most of it yields rich returns if one follows patient approach and not getting panick Read more»
, India
Philipose Mathews
I sincerely thank you and your team for your excellent.Over the last 1 year following your advise,I am getting 76% return from my portfolio. I have membership with Equitymaster, HBJ Capital. The diffe Read more»
, India
John k manavalan
I am 71 years old engineer and has been trying my luck in stock market for the last 40 years. After initial years of learning by making mistakes ,I tried portfolio managers &financial advisors and was Read more»
, India
Ashu Ji
I am very lucky that i got your advise.Today in market there are many persons calling themselves expert but you are truly real hero.Your simple advice is great. I will recommened your web address if a Read more»
, India
Guys, I have gone merry go round and round and round and lost money with Brokers who never take care of our investment. They will keep on telling you invest in whatever. BUT, after using Paul Assets r Read more»
, India
Jean Paul V
Paul Asset is the best stock market advisory in India & it is affordable to more people. I have been with Equity Master, HBJ Capital and others but Prasenjit have the right vision & dedication to cust Read more»
, United States of America, Virginia
Chetan Ambi
I am following your stock advice from past 6-7 months.Not just happy very very happy with your service.I am in good profit now.I will continue to be your follower as long as I can.I am also suggesting Read more»
, India, Karnataka
Manoj Malve
I am in the Stock market from 2007 .I had lost lot of money,but after subscribing to PaulAsset.com, and associated for last 5-6 months I am sure, I will get back all my lost money from market. Analyst Read more»
, India, Maharashtra
Livi Das
In the context of Paulasset review I can say that I am in this market for 6 yrs I have tried so many strategy in this market but failed . My experience with you is very good and i find you an excellen Read more»
, India, Kerala
Sridhar R
I am your Paid Member since the last 1 and half years and investing in Stock Market for the last 15 years.All I can say that you are the best Stock advisor in India. Much better than equitymaster,HBJ  Read more»
, India, Andhra Pradesh
Mein HBJ,Equitymaster and Dalal Street ka customer tha.Their prices are high & they have no dedication to customers. I paid 20 thousand to HBJ & the options plan made me loss of 30 thousand. Prasenjit Read more»
, India, Delhi
I have been dealing in shares since 1995 but after following Paul since 2013 i have learnt a lot and became a real investor. He changed my attitude and learnt patience and crated a model portfolio a Read more»
Joseph Rajan
I have been in Stocks for the last 10 years and following Paul for the last 2-3 months and I could see the difference from other analyst in the media. I like Paul’s approach of investing, some of th Read more»
, India, Bangaluru
Bharat Kumar
You are too good Paul. You are better than Economic Times,money control and other dumb analyst.Keep up the good work. Read more»
, India
I had started to invest in share market from last year only. I am very eager to analyze and invest in good scrips. But i could not able to believe in any of such service provider since all service pro Read more»
, India, Tamil Nadu
Milan Bafna
In the context of Paulasset review I can say that your services are great. Your portfolio evaluation helped me to sell my loss making companies I was holding onto & put that amount in your recommendat Read more»
, India, Bangaluru
Durka Ganesh
Paulasset directs you in the right direction. Even you can learn the basics of how to analyse a company fundamentally by reading the already analysed company reports from the site.Even for the experie Read more»
, India, Tamil Nadu
Arindam Bose
I was almost a new entrant in the world of Equity. After a few futile attempts over here and there ,I am luckily came to know about PaulAsset.com . Being impressed by their attitude,I took trial membe Read more»
, India, West Bengal
Madhusudan Nair
Your advice has been quite handy and I do believe that you have a very nice, interactive and a professional approach to equity investments. Your advise on the stocks already held by me was simply fant Read more»
, India, Tamil Nadu
Balwan Singh Payal
In today’s stock advisory environment fraught with fraudulent tipsters, you stand apart like a shining star.You are doing a great service to the investing community in stocks arena.I have renewed m Read more»
, India, Haryana
Suresh S
I joined in early Aug 13. I am following your advice except partial booking call you gave recently on one of the Banks (I should have followed your advice as it would have given me close to 50% return Read more»
, India, Bangaluru
Vijay Kumar
Great! Apke(paul) nazar se stock market ko samjhna apne andar ek asadharan feeling ko mahsoosh karati hai.Apke articles me milne wala jyaan anmol hai.Thank U mujh jaise small investro ko sahi disha dh Read more»
3 Months back I have joined in Paulassest as trail member. Within 1 month I upgraded my package to Diamond membership based on only satisfication.I am very much impressed with his service on calls, po Read more»
, india, karnataka

Past Performance (All previous Multibagger Stock Tips)

Open Positions (Stocks still on hold)

Month Stock Name Entry Price CMP as on 20/11/2015 Gain at CMP Comments
Dec-12 Ajanta Pharma 100 1340 1240% Partial profit booked around 500,holding the remaining.
Jan-13 Mayur Uniquoters 118 444 276% Repeat buy suggested around 359 level
April-13 Yes Bank(repeat) 420 731 74% Repeat buy and partial profit booked multiple times.
May-13 Can Fin Homes 142 988 595% Repeat buy suggested multiple times around 230,450,750 level
June-13 Pidilite 260 551 111% Very defensive stock
Aug-13 Yes Bank(repeat) 240 731 204% Repeat buy and partial profit booked multiple times.
Aug-13 City Union Bank(repeat) 43 89 106% -
Nov-13 Atul Auto 145 471 224% -
Dec-13 T****n****r** 475 1534 222% -
Mar-14 Caplin Point Lab 150 1333 788% Partial profit booked around 1000
April-14 Can Fin Homes (repeat) 235 988 320% Repeat buy suggested multiple times around 450,750 level
May-14 Ratnamani Metals 355 587 65% Repeat buy suggested around 700 and 600
July-14 D*****a***i**** 441 480 8% Hold till 2020
Aug-14 Suven Life Science 131 261 99% Hold till 2017
Sep-14 A***i***h****d 301 220 -26% -
Oct-14 F***d***t**d 178 202 13% -
Dec-14 V***t****a******s 425 385 -9% -
Feb-15 A***s****d 576 641 11% -
Mar-15 S***a****i*** 776 926 19% Holding till 2020
April-15 L****a****e****l****s 309 306 0% Repeat buy suggested below 250
May-15 Anuh Pharma 223 314 40% Repeat buy suggested below 310
June-15 S***o***s***s**** 80 83 3% -
July-15 Theme Based Recommendations - - - -
July-15 C**a****s 513 449 -12% -
July-15 K****m****a* 710 887 24% Repeat buy suggested below 800
Sep-15 I***c*****n****r*** 927 939 1% -
Oct-15 N**i****t***s 119 134 12% -
  • Price of the stocks like Ajanta Pharma, Kaveri Seeds,Anuh Pharma are as per bonus/split adjustment
  • Apart from the list, stocks like Can Fin Homes and Caplin Point lab repeated many times.
  • July, 2015 recommendations - C******** and K********** are recommended only for Diamond Members as members in Diamond Package receive 2-3 extra stock ideas under "Privileged Recommendations"

Closed Position (Stocks recommended to exit)

Month of Recommendation Stock Name Entry Price Exit Price Gain/Loss Holding Period Comments
Nov,12 Ipca Lab 442 747 69% 28 months Sold due to regulatory (USFDA) issues
March,2013 Kaveri Seeds 248 434 75% 32 months -
Oct,13 Singer India 95 75 -21.05% 4 Months Sold due to delayed turnaround
July,13 PI Industries 130 265 103.85% 8 Months Sold due to poor monsoon forecast in 2014
Feb,13 Bajaj Corp 225 220 -2.22% 14 Months Sold due to valuation is not matching with growth prospects
Aug,13 J&K Bank 1050 1500 42.86% 11 Months Sold to reduce banking sector exposure
Feb,14 Avanti Feeds 330 673 103.94% 4 Months Sold due to 100%+ return within very quick period
Jan,14 Suprajit Engineering 52 135 159% 14 Months Sold due to high valuation but slowing growth
Aug-13 HDFC Bank(repeat) 560 1092 95% 23 Months Sold to reduce banking sector exposure
Aug,13 IndusInd Bank 350 894 155% 23 Months Sold to reduce banking sector exposure
Oct,14 Kesar Terminals 299 457 52% 9 Months Sold due to valuation-growth prospects mismatch
Nov,14 Premier Explosives 240 372 55% 8 Months Sold due to overvaluation (P.E was 80+ at the time of sell call)
Aug-15 Pincon Spirits 85 (bonus adjusted) 82 (bonus adjusted) 4% 2 months Sold due to poor corporate governance